Saturday, 24 September 2016


Baby projects seem to be foremost in my sewing schedule these days. Today I made 6 bibs.

 During the week I finished another Lucy Boston block and now only have one to do before I can piece the quilt with the filler blocks.
Remember the cat table runner I made recently? I am now making 4 hexie coasters to match .
I stitched the blocks for a" Once Upon A Time" quilt about 3 years ago and bought a jelly roll for the sashings . I decided to get it out today so I could plan piecing it together but upon measuring a few of the blocks I have found that they are lacking in accuracy. Not happy! I now have to work out how to resize everything so that it pieces together properly and it hurts my brain. Hence, it is now sitting on the sewing table with the note pad ready to start doing mathematical equations. With an eighth of an inch here and a quarter of an inch there it is proving to be a pain. I also discovered that I had not done one of the stitchery blocks so I shall be stitching that this week.
Angel Blessings

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


They , (whoever "they" are) , say that some progress is better than none and I rather love that quote at the moment.  Quiet achievement  has been happening in my sewing room this past week.

                                                  I put borders on my December mini .

This little Christmas table mat is now awaiting some backing fabric which I need to find.
I have been busy crocheting a ripple baby blanket for my expected grandbaby.
I also managed to read another book! Yey!
I hope you have managed to have some cherished sewing time too.
Angel Blessings.

Sunday, 11 September 2016


I have had quite a creative weekend. It wasn't a marathon or an endurance challenge, just an hour or 2 here and there. I really surprised myself as to how much I achieved. This afternoon I completed 6 burp cloths for my grand baby due in February.


I found these flannel fabrics and coordinating cotton fabrics at Spotlight last week. to make some bibs. I haven't started them yet but we shall see what this week brings.

I cut the background fabric and all the applique pieces for the crib quilt. Here is the moon I have started appliqueing . The tree and the hill go on next. Silly me did not realise that I have up to 4 layers to hand applique in some areas! Wo!
This table runner has been planned for a while. Woohooo! I finally made it. Unfortunately, I have issues with these runners not laying smoothly for some reason. Ah well! They are just for me.
Last week I completed the November and December stitcheries to make into minis.
I am doing the happy dance very gently and hope that my creativity mojo stays with me for a while.
Angel Blessings.

Monday, 5 September 2016


Last Friday was one of my quilting group's Mystery Bus Tour. We left at 8.00am and didn't get back until around 6-40pm. Whew! It was a very long day but well worth the effort. This is what the committee had made for us and filled with chocolate, mags, dry biscuits, sweet biscuits and a bottle of water.

Where did we go?

First stop was Ballan and we stopped at the lovely Melrose Cottage. I bought  some fabrics and  a Cottage Garden thread. We were a bit disappointed that the cafe wouldn't make us some sandwiches to take away at 11.30am. They said we had to wait until lunchtime but our bus was leaving before then. 
After that we headed off to Ballarat. I love Ballarat , although it is a bit cold for me. I actually have several relatives in both the cemeteries but didn't call in on them this time. After a stop for morning tea we went to Gail's Patchwork Emporium which has been rebuilt after the fire a few years ago. It is a lovely place and I found the 3rd book of Civil War quilts that I wanted and a lovely owl fabric.
I bought the above coordinating fabrics to match the owls at Eureka Patchwork in Ballarat. 
I also found some spotty fabrics for the cupcake BOM I am still working on from a couple of years ago. You can't rush these things!
We stopped at another couple of shops  so these are all inclusive.
I bought 2 books I wanted and a companion pack of EPP papers to go with The New Hexagon book. I figure I can start making the hexies whenever I like this way. No searching around for the various papers.
Mum bought some novelty fabric and gave it to me to make something for my grandchild due in February. I also bought another one of Rosalie Q's BOM "Best Friends Forever" patterns to add to the ones I have already stitched.
I haven't been doing a lot of stitching lately but I started another Lucy Boston block. Gee, did this fussy cutting drive me nuts! I tried about 4 times to match the centres up to no avail. I unpicked a couple twice but after that I decided not to worry as the fabric would become a bit thread bare. In the end, one ended up slightly askew but it will just have to stay that way.
Another stitchery in progress for my November mini.
Thanks for wading through all the pics. I am now going back to my stitching.
Angel Blessings.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

O.P.A.M ( Nearly forgot!)

                       Any wonder I nearly forgot...I only have 2 projects completed this month.

                                                               1 Sashiko table runner.

Only 1 burp cloth. I have 5 more ready to make but haven't had the time or energy.
That's it for August. I went on a Mystery Bus Trip yesterday so I shall be posting again in the next day or 2.
Angel Blessings

Sunday, 21 August 2016


It's amazing what one can achieve in an afternoon.  I had a completed Sashiko piece sitting in the "to finish" drawer ready to make into a table runner. The last time I took it out of the drawer I couldn't find the Japanese fabric I had stashed somewhere for this table runner so I put it back and forgot about it until last week. Thank goodness I tidied up my sewing room because I found that fabric amongst my other Japanese fabrics . So, yesterday afternoon I completed it! Yey! I didn't have enough fabric for the back as well as the border so I used another Japanese fabric for the backing which just happens to be owls.

Close up pic.
A peek of the back.
After this finish I thought I would start sewing some burp cloths for my future grandchild. I made one and was going to make 5 more today but I went shopping for a pram instead. I might get the rest made tomorrow. I bought a towel instead of towelling because the towelling was $44 a metre!
My most recent purchase included a Christmas stitchery for a hexie table topper. I have completed stitching it and am now auditioning fabrics for the borders. Hmmm, think I need to go fabric shopping again.
I completed the October stitchery for a mini but when I ironed it grunge came out of the iron! GRrrrrr. Not happy! Don't know what to do now. I might have to cut out the circle and applique it to a background. Any ideas?
Plans to get out in the garden have not yet happened due to the cold and rain.
Keep warm, keep well, and keep smiling.
Angel Blessings.

Saturday, 13 August 2016


Today I spent several hours cleaning out my sewing room. My stereo was cranked up really loud as hubby was out for the day. I had Metallica, Black Sabbath, James Blunt and Outlander CDs playing. Strange combo, I know.   I moved everything on the floor out to the family room , took the chest of drawers out of the wardrobe and put all my paper craft stuff in it including a trolley, a small chest of drawers and my scrapbook trolley.  I moved plastic drawer sets and placed the chest of drawers from the wardrobe where the paper craft trolley was.  I also got a chance to finally find a place for my new cane drawers. After much huffing and puffing I vacuumed the floor rug. Wow! Never seen it so clean! Forgot what it looked like.

That messy corner was cleared  but I still need to find homes for stuff instead of the floor. Unfortunately, there is more stuff there now but it has been sorted.
The top of my bookshelf has been cleaned and rearranged.
My rubbish bin is full and my recycling bin is almost full . I really did throw out heaps of stuff but still find myself struggling to store large half done projects, quilts etc.
I have been making more Lucy Boston filler blocks. Only 5 more of the bottom ones need to be made now.
 The last month of winter has proven to be the worst of winter here. I am looking forward to some sunny spring days so I can get out in the garden. I hope you are all keeping warm, well and happy.
Angel Blessings.