Thursday, 1 December 2016


Silly me! Here's me thinking November has 31 days. Oh dear. It hit me around 2-00am this morning when the radio announcer mentioned that it was the first day of summer. Oops!  I was going to put the binding on my December mini today, but , alas, too late! Ah well, at least it will be listed in the December finishes. So, what did I complete?   The Christmas critters hexie table mat I have made for a friend in the U.K.....

The crocheted baby blankie I have made for my first grandchild due in February.( It is sooooo big! I think I am a loose crocheter.)
The secret sewing project that I still can't show you.
I also finished a book this month. Which is a fantastic true story.
So, 3 projects and one book. Not bad for me.
Thanks for stopping by.
Angel Hugs

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


My contribution to Anthea's  EPP Tuesdays is a bit of a secret. Previously I showed you a couple of blocks from "The New Hexagon" book . Since then I have remade one of the blocks with different colours as I felt it looked a bit pale and I have also nearly completed the project but cannot show you much of it as it is a shhhhhhh project. So here is what I can show you.

A while back I started stitching Michelle's  new Christmas pattern which I am making into a small table mat . It is nearly finished now, just 4 more to sew onto the middle block. 
After a little break from hand applique to give my fingers a chance to heal, I have now nearly finished stitching the squirrel on the cot quilt and just have the bird and part of an owl's face to complete. Then I just need to add the borders and I will feel that it is nearly finished. Hopefully, it will be ready in time for my grandchild's birth in February.
Thankyou for visiting me.
Angel Blessings.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016


I have a couple of things to show you this time. My final Lucy Boston "Patchwork of the Crosses" block.
These Lucy blocks have challenged me with a lot of fussy cutting but I have now become a little addicted despite endless frustration. I am making a small project as a gift for someone using some hexies from " The New Hexagon" by Katja Marek. As you can see, this one is fussy cut and I love how it looks.
The second block isn't very impressive. No fussy cutting but I liked the purple fabric.
So, that's my contribution to Anthea's link up this week. Pop on over to Anthea's to see what she and others have been doing.
Angel Blessings.


Thursday, 3 November 2016


 I have only just ironed the last Lucy Boston "Patchwork of the Crosses" block and now I am planning the fussy cut filler blocks so I can start piecing the quilt together. Unfortunately the fussy cutting in this block isn't 100% accurate but I will never finish the quilt if I start reverse sewing the blocks that aren't entirely precise. So, here it is. Dahdah!!!


Here are the Aussie Christmas critters ,( as I call them), ready to make into a table mat when I find suitable fabric. This pattern is for Christmas decos from Michelle, but I decided to make them into something else. They are so cute. They are quick to sew , so pop on over to Michelle's blog if you wish to make some in time for Christmas.

Now I can get back to the crib quilt appliqueing and finish crocheting the baby blanket.
Angel Blessings.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016


                  I only have one completed project this month. I suppose it is better than none.

So many projects on the go but a while before they will appear under the banner of O.P.A.M 
Angel Blessings.

Thursday, 27 October 2016


 I have been waiting for my last Lucy Boston block to arrive so I can start putting the quilt together. It arrived today so I am looking forward to some challenging fussy cutting with this one. I also ordered a "Petite Pack" of Houghton Hall fabrics. Take a peek over at "Shiralee Stitches" if you would like to see more Lucy Boston blocks or packs of fabrics.

The crib quilt is coming along nicely with the last pieces ironed on ready to hand applique but I am giving my hands and fingers a rest from appliqueing  as I was in a bit of pain. So, stitching Michelle's "L'il Aussie Christmas Decos " has been a refreshing and relaxing stitching experience .
I have finished another book. Yey!
I hope you are enjoying a lovely Spring day.
Angel Blessings.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Yey! I have finished my first Christmas project. I haven't completed ones that are half done but I shall be getting back to them soon. This year I have been determined to finish everything I start, thus older projects awaiting completion. So, here is my Christmas table mat made from my stash except for the backing and binding.

I have made great progress with the crib quilt.  There are a few more leaves, some acorns and a couple more critters to go on it yet.
I have had to take a break from this hand appliqueing for a couple of days. My forefinger on my right hand is rather arthritic and I have callouses on both forefingers and my right thumb!  I just happened to be in my fav quilt shop yesterday and found these (apparently popular) applique needles which are specially polished and plated to make piercing the fabric a lot smoother and therefore easier.I shall let you know how I go with them. My much used needle threader broke so I also bought a new one from the same shop.
Thanks for visiting me again.
Angel Blessings.