Thursday, 19 October 2017


 I was so excited to have my little munchkin stay with me for a few hours today. It was the first time he had been left anywhere without my daughter or son in law.  He was such a joy and never shed a single tear. I am over the moon to know that he loved staying with us.

This morning a parcel arrived from the U.K containing that ball of yarn I desperately needed to complete my crocheted colourwash blanket. As I was paying a fair bit of postage I decided to make it more viable by ordering 3 new crochet hooks that are designed to make it easier on the hands .
Last week my lovely colourful balls of yarn arrived from the UK to crochet a gorgeous blanket which may prove to be a bit of a challenge for me. Unfortunately, the pattern book didn't come with the kit so I couldn't start it as soon as I wanted to. However, after sending an email and receiving a very prompt reply the actual pattern book is winging its way here, infact it has most likely already landed in the country. I can't fault Black Sheep Wools service whatsoever. They were truly amazing.
I was eagerly awaiting Jenny's latest free BOM and have prepared it ready for stitching. I love the combination of applique and stitching.
Voila! All my Little Lucy rows are now pieced together. I just need to add some side fillers and then she is ready for borders.
I hope you are all enjoying some stitching time.
Angel Blessings. 

Thursday, 12 October 2017


 I thought everything was humming along nicely using leftover yarns to crochet my granny squares and I put aside a ball to specifically use for crocheting all the squares together. It looked like it was almost an entire 100g ball which I presumed would be quite enough for the job. WRONG! With only one and a half rows to go I ran out! Yep, that'd be right. Having never tried crocheting squares together before I just "guestimated" that it would be enough. All the yarn was from the UK and I only need that one ball. To make matters worse I had already placed an order to the UK for another crochet kit . Ah well, I just placed an order for that one particular colour and decided to order some new crochet hooks too. So, now I am expecting 2 parcels from the UK. You can't see it yet but I have placed the squares like a colour wash .

Remember Little Lucy? I put her away for a while after spitting the dummy when I realised that I had stitched 2 blocks the wrong way around. I had swapped  blocks 4 and 5 by mistake. Not a happy gal that day! I couldn't unpick the blocks because the whipstitching is so tight and small that the fabric started to fray.  Anyhoo, I decided to punch through my disappointment and carry on regardless. I now just have to add the top row and then I can fill in the edges.
I have read another book. This book is very similar to Philipa Gregory's style especially when writing about the Tudors. I am looking forward to reading the next one about Anne Boleyn.
Speaking about the Tudors, it reminds me of my visit to Hampton Court Palace  in 2015. So, I shall continue with a bit of my travelogue now. 
I can't remember where I exactly left off last time so I shall start on the the 24th June, 2015 when we returned the car to Cardiff and caught a taxi to the train station. One would think that catching a train to London from Cardiff would be easy. Not so! We were told at the station to catch a train to Nottingham and to change for Queens Way. However, when we were on our way  the ticket inspector told us we should have caught a train to Bristol then to change for Paddington. He gave us new tickets and made sure we got off at the right station. How's that for service!  To cut a long story short we eventually arrived at our hotel around 8pm . What a disappointment! When we opened the door we practically fell down 3 steps almost landing on one of the beds. It was sooooo small we could barely fit our luggage anywhere in the room. It was pokey, felt like a sauna, the window looked out onto walls so one couldn't even see the sky and the bathroom door wouldn't close.. The first thing we did after breakfast the next morning was request a room change which was thankfully granted. It was slightly larger.  Yep, this is the larger room.
We then went to pick up our London Passes before heading off to meet a friend at Victoria Station.
( Not sure if this is Paddington Station or Victoria Station. )
The next day we went to Cambden Market but I can't seem to find any photos on the computer except for this one which I can't seem to turn around.
On the 27th June we decided to relax and wandered across the road to Hyde Park.  It was a beautiful warm and sunny day. There was a classic Carousel , or Merry Go Round as we used to call them, so we had a ride on it. I have always wanted to do this There were those beautiful white swans on the lake and I managed to take this pic. Clever huh?
As we were walking we stumbled across Kensington Palace!!  We had no idea that it was situated right there in Hyde Park, although I now realise that part is actually called Kensington Gardens. Dah!!!
Agghhhh another sideways pic!
Having a London Pass was fantastic as we could get in to most tourist attractions quickly without having to pay anything. This is The King's Staircase leading to the King's State Apartments.
One of the halls.
The ceiling of the King's Drawing Room.
This dress is known as a "mantua" and only grand palace doorways have the width to accommodate the hooped skirts. The whalebone hoops forced ladies to take teeny steps which created the illusion of rolling along on wheels.
Men's shoes.

After our visit to the Palace we went back to the hotel to freshen up and catch a taxi to Hard Rock Café for an early dinner with my daughter's friend. We had then planned to catch a cab to the theatre to see Phantom of the Opera but we chose the worst night to find a cab. Apparently Taylor Swift had a big concert that night so the taxis could only travel so far before coming to road blocks.So, we caught a train and walked ( and walked and walked and walked) to the theatre. Afterwards we couldn't even flag down a taxi anywhere so we decided to catch a train to no avail as they were overcrowded. We hung around for a while and I think it was about 1.00 am that we eventually found a taxi to get back to our hotel. The London Underground was the busiest I have ever seen or expected in the early hours of the morning.

Needless to say we were totally exhausted but it was well worth the effort. After all, how many times does one get to the West End of London?

Thanks for hopping on board my tour. Next time we see some more wonderful sites of London.. Hopefully I will be able to work out why I can't rotate the photos.

Angel Blessings. 



Saturday, 30 September 2017


 Gosh! It is OPAM time again. I have no idea where the time goes. Fortunately, I decided to crochet some more cotton pot holders for gifts this past week  as I have already gifted a couple of the ones I had previously made and it looks like they are quite popular. So, I actually have 2 completed projects for the month . Whew! I got the pattern from Hanne's blog a while ago.

I have been preparing some half inch hexies for a small project.
All the granny squares are still waiting to be crocheted together once I figure out the layout.
On Thursday I was about to close the curtains for the evening when I saw a couple of ducks in our front yard. I thought they would run or fly away when they saw me but they proceeded to come up the ramp to our front door!  I then went outside and they came right up to me, in fact one of them was trying to peck my toes.
This pic was taken through the window. ( Thus the reflection of my clothes rack).
I took these pics outside in our driveway before they followed us around to the back yard where we found some snails for them to eat..

On the same evening my dad emailed a pic he took of a beautiful owl sitting on their fence. Most of you know that I collect owls but this real one is magnificent.
It is so lovely to see the wild life return after developers stripped all the natural habitat a few years ago to build a marina. They filled in the creek and built a canal. We now have huge humongous yachts chug chugging along across the road with their masts higher than the 2 storey houses. It makes me smile when I hear the kookaburras and even the squawk of cockatoos.
May the weekend see you smile too.
Angel Blessings.   

Sunday, 10 September 2017


                             This afternoon I found the time to sit and finish stitching this birdie.

Each evening I have been crocheting my granny squares from my scraps and have completed the 5th round on quite a few. Only about 3 stacks more to do and then the 6th round will be the joining .  That will be a new experience for me and probably the hardest part of the blanket deciding the layout of all the squares. Wish me luck!
Oops! I can see my slippers peeking in there. Glad you can't see the hole in one of the toes.
I shall leave my travelogue until next time as I am feeling a bit under the weather. No sleep until after 4am this morning thanks to noisy neighbours and hubby has a man cold which I am doing my best to avoid.
Angel Blessings to you all. 

Sunday, 3 September 2017


                                         I love displaying my little mini quilts each new month.

OPAM sneaked up on me for August and I haven't completed any projects.
I have finished another book though. It is translated from Spanish and its fictitious characters are based on the true account of Jewish refugees fleeing to Cuba on the SS St Louis.
I finished another little birdie which is one of Jenny's designs. Her latest free BOM is now available to print up so I shall be heading on over there soon.
I am currently doing the 4th round on the crocheted granny squares using all my left over yarns from the blanket I crocheted. I love looking at the stacks of colour.
Now, back to Cornwall.
On the 23rd June, 2015 we rose at 9.00am ,( a lovely sleep- in compared to what we usually had on our travels),and caught the 10-46am train to St Ives. It was a lovely trip but we were so caught up chatting to people that we didn't get off at St Ives. By the time we realised ,the train was heading back to Penzance. So, we just stayed aboard and re did the journey. It was a beautiful sunny day so different to the cold and drizzly day we had on our arrival.  We had lunch at a café where my daughter found a caterpillar in her salad . Fortunately, it wasn't half a caterpillar . A bit of a worry as we are both vegetarians hehehe. I remember that the sun was quite hot as we sat outdoors.
I took photos from the train. I think these were tidal flats.
I loved the stacked stones, pebbles and smooth rocks that were on the beach.
I couldn't resist taking a pic of the sea gull perched on the church cross. Perfect photo.
More views.

There's something about Cornwall that I love. That was our last day there and I wish I could have explored more but the next day we had to return the car to Cardiff and catch a train to London. London was awesome! But that can wait until next time. Thank you so much for visiting.
Angel Blessings. 

Saturday, 26 August 2017


Looking at many stitching blogs I realise that I am not the only one who likes variety when stitching. I always have so many different projects on the go and as soon as I finish one I start another despite still having many others to complete. My clam shell mini is slowly growing.

I  have finished stitching the 2nd bird and have started another one. I love stitching on to the flour sack fabric.
I found a lovely applique project in one of my Simply Vintage mags. The pieces are all cut out ready to applique but I can't decide which fabric to put them on to. I bought the lighter coloured fabric last week and I already had the grey fabric in my stash. Now I am not sure about either of them.
The lighter one is actually a creamy yellowish colour which isn't showing up here.
The grey.
I have finished reading a lovely biography which is the first of a few that Maya Angelou wrote about her very interesting life. I have tried to get back into the habit of reading every night and have enjoyed it immensely. The current book I am reading is a novel based on fact and I have nearly finished that one too.
So now I shall take you back to my travels.
On 21st June, 2015 we left Chippenham at 11.00am headed for the M4 and M5 to Cornwall. We stopped for a break after driving for 2 hours then continued our journey arriving in Cornwall at 2.50pm . We needed another break before arriving in Penzance on a very cold, wet and dreary day. We had booked a Bed and Breakfast place to stay in and they didn't have any parking so we had to park the car about a block away opposite the beach. More struggling with luggage!
It was a quaint little room. We had our own bathroom and it was very comfortable.
After checking in and having a small rest we headed on out in the rain
St Michael's Mount in the distance.
We walked to a lovely character filled Inn for dinner. 
The next day we walked around Penzance to explore the town.
I loved this house just around the corner.
The next day we went to St Ives. I will show you some pics next time. 
Thankyou for taking the time to visit my blog and sharing fond memories of my trip.
Angel Blessings.